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    Why not just follow the text book?



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    Why not just follow the text book?

    مُساهمة  محمد في الخميس نوفمبر 19, 2009 12:34 pm

    for lessons. It can also save you time. But the text book may not always suit your class.
    Sometimes you may need to add activities for the different needs, learning styles and interests of your children. You may also want to adapt or omit a text book activity if you feel the topic or language in it does not suit your children’s needs.

    How can I start to plan a lesson?

    Think about what children have already learned in other lessons and how your lesson will build on this. Now plan the language aims of the lesson: what do you want children to know, do, or understand by the end of the lesson? If you know your aim, you will be able to make this clear to children in the lesson. Now plan any non-linguistic aims. Do you want children to know more about a topic, for example, or to be able to work well in groups?

    What else should I think about?

    Think about which activities to use, how long they will take, and how to have a balance which will keep children motivated and interested. Think about groupings in the lesson. Will you have any pair or group work activities? These will provide language practice and also help children to concentrate and stay motivated. What aids or resources will you use to help achieve the aims of the lesson? Try to predict difficulties children may have and how you will help them.

    What should I do after the lesson?

    Take time to reflect. Ask yourself a series of questions about the lesson:

     Did children learn?
     Was the lesson enjoyable as well as useful?
     Was there enough variety in the lesson?
     Did you need to be flexible to deal with unexpected events in the lesson?

    Think about how you might follow this lesson up.

     Will children need to revise anything they learned in the lesson?
     Can this lesson lead to interesting activities in future lessons?
     What did you learn as a teacher?

    You might take a minute or two to write some notes about this at the end of your lesson plan.


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